Music is the mantra to happiness, tranquillity, and multi-dimensional growth for people of all ages. Its benefits have been prophesized by visionaries across the globe in every era. It has immense potential to nurture and heel as it engages all the three human elements: mind, body, and soul.

In India, music is a very complex discipline with each raga stimulating a mood or sentiment. The raga is characterized by a progression of some specific notes and can differ from another raga by a mere emphasis on one particular note. It thus becomes very important to take care of the minute details while singing that can only be elucidated by proper guidance.

No doubt, our holy scriptures emphasize the importance of an able guru, the guru who possesses ample knowledge, is adept in imparting it, and is dedicated to bring out the best in his students. And here is where the Kirana Gharana Music Academy has enough to boast off.

The academy was founded in 2015 by Amjad Ali Khan, a renowned Indian vocalist belonging the principal family of Kirana Gharana musicians; a performer par excellence, who has been bestowed many awards and titles for his expertise and contributions to the contemporary music world. He is also a much sought-after teacher, as he has an innate aptitude of observing the potentials and pitfalls in students, and the ability to mould them to perfection.


Impart education in Indian music adhering to the gharana tradition in a structured way while preserving its soul and mentor the icons of tomorrow.

About the Academy

We are not just a training centre but a gurukul that will develop your skills and prepare you to become an artist. The faculty of the academy are performing artists themselves and have undergone rigorous taalim in music. They not only know the nuances of performing themselves but also have the capability to infuse them in their students.

Based on Guru-Shishya Parampara, the academy imparts education adhering to the gharana style. The students are trained in such a way that the swara and taalas get imbibed in them, and they become capable of performing any of the different genres. Our teachers are willing to give all they have learned, and at the same time, expect the perfect devotion from their students to achieve their goal.

The academy is recognized by esteemed organizations for its excellence in imparting education and was awarded with Gurukul Bhushana State Award by Kala Vikas Parishat.

Gurus and Doyens

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Management Committee

Amjad Ali Khan

Founder of Kirana Gharana Music Academy, Amjad Ali Khan is acclaimed for beguiling the audience with his melodic, mesmerizing voice across the globe. He has a record of stealing the show; whether we talk about the music festivals of international repute or other concerts. He is considered a connoisseur in Indian classical music and has given numerous workshops on the subject. He has been invited to judge talent in music by various esteemed organizations. He is the recipient of many coveted awards and titles including the prestigious Bharat Ratna Pt. Bhimsen Joshi National Award, Rotary Club’s Vocational Award for excellence in the field of music, Surmani and many more.

Jasdeep Kaur

Jasdeep Kaur is a software engineer who drove her life towards her passion for music and arts. She is the disciple of Amjad Ali Khan sahab and shares his vision to promote and propagate Indian music. She also works as technical writer with DAISY Consortium an international body that creates standards for accessible book publishing to provide the differently-abled their right to gain knowledge.